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folk art african gourd from our folk art catalogue -

.. Price:  $161.00 US ($185.00 CDN) plus shipping & handling
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Dimensions:  14" x 8 " diameter.
Description:   Purchased in Africa by a private collector c1940. The bowl consists of two half gourds neatly stitched together. The neck is of hide, stitched to the gourd. Although alleged to have been a water carrier, I doubt it because the seams have never been caulked. However, I have no other reasonable function to suggest! The bowl was painted with a rich maroon red earth paint with two circular black bands. Condition: very good. The leather harness is, of course, dry and no longer flexible; the gourd could not hold water because the seams are slightly open and there is a small hole on one side (see photograph). Because of its age, this is a rare find. Because of its simple beauty, this is a desirable find.


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